Epson R-D1 Unboxing Figure 9

New content on R-D1.Info

We have posted two new articles to R-D1.Info. First, we added a time line that charts the life of the Epson R-D1. For those who aren’t familiar with the R-D1, there were three discrete iterations of the camera: The R-D1 (original), the R-D1s (the original with updated firmware), and the R-D1xG (a modified version, with a larger LCD that didn’t swivel, an included grip, and some other minor modifications).

Next, we have a new page for an unboxing series of photos of the original Epson R-D1. These great photos were provided courtesy of m-s-y via Flickr. Please be sure to check out his Flickr stream (with photos taken with the R-D1 he unboxed). We appreciate the permission to use his photos here on R-D1.Info.