5 tips to have healthy feet (and beautiful)

The most important part of our skeleton and often the most neglected, here are some tips (unha encravada tratamento natural):

  1. Wear comfortable shoes. Avoid daily use of heels or pointy shoes. Ideally, buy the shoe at the end of the afternoon, when the foot is larger. A tight shoe can favor the appearance of bunions or clawed toes.
  2. Keep your feet dry. Dry your feet well when bathing, especially when doing so in a public bathroom or gym. Wear socks to keep feet dry. The moist media favor the appearance of fungi. If on the contrary, you have dry and cracked skin, use moisturizing creams that are available in the market.
  3. Exercise regularly: having strong foot and ankle muscles prevents the appearance of injuries such as sprains and delays the aging of the foot.
  4. Maintain an adequate weight. Overweight accelerates the appearance of osteoarthritis in the joints of the foot.
  5. Be careful with the pedicure, make sure that the instruments are properly sterilized, since a contaminated nail clipper can transmit fungi. Also make an adequate cut of the nails, to avoid ingrown nails.
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