LCD protection

The anti-reflection coating on the protective plastic screen over the LCD of the Epson R-D1 is fragile and easily scuffed. I have heard that this screen is replaceable.

It is thus a good idea to use a screen protector. Suggested screen protectors include ScreenPatronus: Easy to put on, tough and does not affect the clarity of the LCD (before discovering ScreenPatronus, other screen protectors were awkward to install and/or reduced the visibility of the LCD).

Another notable mention is the invisibleSHIELD brand by Zagg. These are especially tough and don’t require replacing. The invisibleSHIELD brand includes a lifetime warrantee, so if the screen protector is damaged or has to be taken off (e.g., for repair), you can return the old protector and Zagg will send a replacement for a modest shipping charge. There isn’t a specific invisibleSHIELD made for the Epson R-D1, but you can purchase the generic 2.5″ digital camera invisibleSHIELD.

For the Epson R-D1, you can purchase any screen protector designed to fit a 2.5″ (49 mm by 37 mm) screen. Most screen protectors are very thin, so the LCD screen will fold in fully as usual.