Time line

The world’s first digital rangefinder, the Epson R-D1, was announced by Epson in 2004. Five years later, Leica introduced the first full-frame digital rangefinder, the Leica M9. This brief time line, Table 1, chronicles this short period of digital rangefinder history.

Table 1. Time line of the R-D1 and digital rangefinders
Year Month Event Source
2004 March Epson announces the R-D1 with a MSRP of US $2999. Epson Global
November The R-D1 begins shipping. dpreview.com
2005 A quiet year in digital rangefinder news.
2006 March Epson announces the R-D1s (replacing the R-D1). dpreview.com
June Epson releases firmware 2.0 for the R-D1. Epson Europe
September Leica announces the M8 with a MSRP of US $4795. dpreview.com
2007 June Epson discontinues the R-D1s. Amateur Photographer
September Leica accounces the M8.2 with a MSRP of £3990. dpreview.com
2009 February Epson announces the R-D1xG, available only in Japan. Epson Japan
April The R-D1xG begins shipping with a MSRP of ¥299800. dpreview.com
September Leica accounces the M9 with a MSRP of US $6995. dpreview.com