High Quality Fiber Optic Termination Boxes For Fit Networking

Are you searching for fiber optic termination box rack mount? It would be better to contact Cozlink because it delivers the high quality manufactured products at discounted prices. We are among the famous manufacturers and suppliers having potential to support professionals and datacenters in this field. It would be great to see the features of various termination boxes. This enables the buyers to pick perfect quality products. We are going to discuss features of some famous products.


Wall Mounted boxes:

These are equipped with top fiber and splice. Maximum capacity of fiber used in the wall mounted fiber terminal boxes is 8 while it can splice capacity of 8 cores. It works will various types of adapters. According to experts, it works better with ST, FC, SC and LC type adapters.


Rack mounted boxes:


These are designed to work with racks. Maximum capacity of fibers used in this box is 48 while it has 48 cores in the splice capacity. Just like wall mounted boxes, it can work with ST, FC, LC and SC type adapter. This box can be installed with the racks mounted on walls.


Fiber wall mounted:


This is among the commonly used types in the markets. It delivers a capacity of 4 ports with splice capacity of 4 cores. It comes with a cable which has 5 mm to 10 mm diameter. Experts recommend LC, FC and ST type adapters for it. Buyers are suggested to pick suitable type of terminal box based on project requirements.

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