Optical termination box

FOLAN  presents the V5 optical termination box supplier of its Teraoptic range, developed to meet the specifications of the FTTH (Fiber to the home) and FTTO (Fiber to offices) networks. It can be installed both in homes and in offices, next to the equipment that needs to be connected.

Light and compact, it is installed very easily and is used to connect the G657 fibers with a curvature beam of about 15 mm. Also, it is provided with a base that allows it to be fixed on the wall or in a recessed box. Thanks to a well thought out design, it can be separated from the base fixed on the wall, which will allow the joints to be made without difficulty during the connection. If you want more information visit this links : optical termination box price

It offers seven cable entries, a fiber organization zone and can accommodate up to four fusion splices. It also offers optical ports SC, LC (1 to 4 optical ports) and E2000 (1 to 2 optical ports).

Depending on your needs, it can be pre-equipped with adapters and pigtails G657A2, SC / PC, SC / APC, LC / PC, LC / APC, E2000 / PC, E2000 / APC. It can also be delivered in a cardboard box or pre-wired and the length of the pre-wired versions can be adapted according to your needs.

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