Pros and cons of Miracle Mineral solution, the MMS

The miracle mineral solution (MMS) containing 28% of sodium chlorite is a product that is used in the treatment or purification of water, making the water potable. According to the proponents claim, when MMS is mixed with water or drinking juice (like lemon juice), chlorine dioxide is produced that kills pathogens in water making the water potable. It helps in destroying bacteria and viruses present in drinking water. According to the proponents, MMS is the best option for treating water for drinking purpose if you are a frequent traveler. Chlorine dioxide kills bacteria and viruses present in the water by oxidation that doesn’t give any harm to beneficial bacteria or healthy cells present in the human body. Oxidation process destroys only those bacteria and germs that are injurious to human body.



Archbishop Jim Humble is the man behind the discovery of Miracle mineral solution (MMS) that has created many arguments on the true health benefits or otherwise of MMS supplement. Viewing the history of chlorine dioxide, as described in Wikipedia, MMS turns out as water purifying substance through the process of oxidation that kills bacteria present in water, making it potable. Miracle mineral solution is good at those places where pure drinking water is out of reach. People who travel a lot can get benefit of pure and healthy water through the use of MMS as it will destroy all the bacteria, germs and viruses present in the water. People travelling frequently in the area where pure and healthy drinking water is a problem, keeping MMS would be a wise decision.

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