Epson R-D1 strip down: Step 3

Service and repair

Although the R-D1s ceased production in May 2007 (see Epitaph), Epson officially stated that it will continue to repair and service the camera until 2013—from the British Journal of Photography, 13 June 2007, Epson will continue to honour all warranty repair contracts for the next six years. Amateur Photographer Magazine in the same week reported that spares would be available for the same length of time.

This deadline will presumably be extended owing to the announcement of the Epson R-D1xG in February 2009, which shares most components with the R-D1. In addition, a few camera technicians have gained familiarity with the R-D1, and are happy to work on it (many are not, owing to its complex electronics).

Do not attempt to perform any operation on your Epson R-D1 unless you are comfortable with the procedure(s). Please read the disclaimer.

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