R-D1's Sony ICX413AQ CCD

Spare parts

General components

Two German companies that distribute parts for Epson can supply R-D1 spares: MK Computer and Gedat Datentechnik. The websites list many small parts but not major components, such as the body frame, the rear LCD, the shutter assembly, the analogue gauge assembly and electronic components. The listed items can be ordered online. The following PDF shows an exploded view of the R-D1, and provides a parts list of the camera components that can be ordered online from these two companies:

Partial exploded view of the Epson R-D1 (PDF, 190 KB)

Some components are identical to Voigtländer Bessa parts (e.g., the screw-in eyepiece), but how much the R-D1 and Bessa cameras have in common is unclear; for example, is the R-D1 shutter (made by Copal) the same as that in the Bessa R2/R3/R4?

The LCD is a standard Sony item (as used in the Canon PowerShot Pro1 and other cameras). The analogue dial motors may be standard Seiko items.

The sensor

The sensor in the Epson R-D1 is an interline-transfer CCD (Sony ICX413AQ), as used in the Pentax *ist D, Nikon D100, Starlight Express SXV-M25 and other cameras, first manufactured in 2002 (Figure 1). The sensor in the Nikon D70 and D50 is not the same as the D100 CCD, as sometimes suggested on the web: although the D70 CCD is a newer design, its advantages lie in faster image acquisition rather than improved image quality.

Sony’s documentation on the ICX413AQ sensor:

ICX413AQ CCD product brochure (PDF, 300 KB)

ICX413AQ CCD technical specifications (PDF, 185 KB)

R-D1's Sony ICX413AQ CCD

Figure 1. Left, the 1.8"-type Sony ICX413AQ CCD. Right, a 1/2.7" CCD, as used in most compact digital cameras. The ruler is marked in centimetres. As can be seen, the size difference between the sensor formats used in digital compact cameras and SLRs/rangefinders is significant.