YouTube SEO: Tips for Boosting Rank Using Keywords

Using Keywords in YouTube Videos

Determining keywords is a crucial step to any type of online content, including YouTube videos. Search engines use keywords to scrape information about the content you are presenting.

You should be using keywords frequently and effectively. Don’t cram several keywords into a video if they aren’t on topic. It’s best to focus on a limited number of keywords for each video. The main keyword should be the topic of the video.

1. YouTube Video Title Keywords

The title of your video should be the first place where you use your keywords. Be specific to the video you have created. Something along the lines of “5 Tips for Cooking Ribeye Steaks,” “The Best Way to Cook Ribeye Steaks,” or even your channel name like “Cooking Ribeye Steaks with Chef Me.”

2. YouTube Description Keywords

Next, move into the YouTube video description. There you will want to reiterate the title and keywords: “In this episode of Chef Me, we are going to show you how to prepare and cook ribeye steaks.” If you also run a blog alongside your YouTube channel, be sure to link to your own blog where you discuss your steak cooking techniques.

3. YouTube Thumbnail Keywords

You should buy youtube comments cheap also be creating custom thumbnail images for each of your videos. For a cooking channel, YouTube thumbnails may just be images of the final dish or the title of the video. You should also name the final image using your keywords, like Cooking_Ribeye_Steak.jpg.

4. Subtitles and Closed-Captioning Keywords

Each YouTube video you upload should include subtitles, bonus for subtitles in other languages. Not only can viewers in other countries follow along, search engines are also able to scrape information from subtitles to better understand what the video is about.

These keywords should be planned out before you shoot, so you can naturally use your keywords whenever they fit into the script.

5. Filename Keywords

Just like the thumbnail technique buy youtube comments cheap, you should name the export of your video with your keywords. That way when you upload to YouTube, the filename will have additional SEO value.


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